Conference Courses


Conference Courses


  1.Quality Management in Hospital Services

 Michael A. Counte, Ph.D.,Professor
School of Public Health
Saint Louis/USA

Fevzi Akıncı, Ph.D.,Professor

Kings College/ USA 


                           2.Current Approaches in Health Care Management and Leadership

Assist. Prof. Sedat BOSTAN,

Gümüşhane Universty/ Turkey


Assist. Prof. Taşkın KILIÇ

 Gümüşhane Universty/ Turkey

3.Legal Problems end Solutions for Health Professionals 

Assist. Prof. Yahya DERYAL,

Zirve Universty/ Turkey


                           Instructions :

                     1. Courses will be presented in Turkish and Presentations of foreign participants will be translated to Turkish.

                           2. Each course will be presented with at least 20 participants.

                           3. Participants will get certificate after course presentations.