Conference Themes

Main Topics

The Globalization of Healthcare Services

Health Insurance

International Patient Transfers (Medical Tourism)

Universal Patient Rights and Safety

Health Policy and Health Reforms

Other Healthcare Management Topics

Political Philosophy and Health Policy

Spiritual Health

History and Philosophy of Health and Healthcare

Global Cooperation and Development for Quality in Health Care

Health Accreditation

Risk Management in Healthcare Organizations

Health Law

Quality Assessment of Health

Patient and Employee Satisfaction

Occupational Health and Safety in Health Care

Financial Management in Health Care

Harassment in Health Institutions

Corporate Culture and Commitment Institutes of Health

Procurement and Purchasing in Health Institutions

Material and Device Management in Healthcare Organizations

Performance Management in Healthcare Organizations

Health Information Systems

Management and Organization in Health Care

Accounting and Finance in Healthcare Organizations

Strategic Management in Health Care

Production Management in Health Care

Health Economics

Health Policy and Planning

Marketing in Healthcare

Health Reform

Disaster Management in Health Care

Public Relations in Health Institutions

Health and Social Security Systems

Health Insurance

Health Communication

 Health Care Management and Ethics

Country Comparisons of Health Systems

Health Statistics

Risk Management in Patient and Employee Safety

Patient Rights in an International Perspective

Innovtion in Health Care Services

Human Resources Management in Health Care

Professionalism in Health Management

Information Security in Healthcare Organizations